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Our R&D center has a series of production development techniques including CAD, EDA, EWIAR and CAPP. Also, several testing machines are provided to ensure high quality and efficiency of our production.

R & D personnel have long been active in the industrial front-line to accurately grasp the pulse of the market, and deeply understand the needs of the customers. We respect our customers and their intelligence, and they can also help us to design, produce, test the equipment or even participate in marketing. Having achieved fruitful results, we will continue to guide the Chinese poultry electronics manufacturing process. The research team cooperates with academic schools both home and abroad to ensure upgrading of our products and maintain technical advantages.

Quality Control
The company's quality management strictly obeys the principles of process control, prevention and continuous improvement. We not only adopt the aging testing box, smog testing box and three coordinates measuring machines as products testing, but also innovatively test machines according to the characteristics of different products. Meanwhile, we focus on quality management and are now training the employees to pay more attention to the product quality. We believe, with detail-oriented management and improved staff ability, our poultry farming equipments will be the best among the world.

Our precision processing center is now running many lathes imported from Switzerland and Germany. Other imported production lines and equipments such as our SMT line, CNC sheet metal workshop, and welding robot. These equipments ensure the quality of our projects. In addition, our incubation equipment, chick takeoff equipment, and poultry raising equipment are manufactured under rigorous ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System, National Military Standard 9001A and 2001 Quality System standards. The quality of the raw materials, however, cannot be ignored. We use raw materials from Baosteel in Shanghai, Anshan iron and steel group corporation, Qilu Petrochemical Corporation, GE Pute, ATMEL, Schneider, Toshiba, SMC and POSCO. As a result, the quality of our raw materials can be guaranteed.

Customer Service
We also devote our efforts toward achieving perfect after-sales services. Our well-educated Research and Development team is not only proficient in advanced development measures like EDA, CAD, EWIAR, but they also spend much time double checking clients' hatcheries. In addition, we have cooperative relationships with domestic universities and research institutes. Thus, we are able to react to market trends promptly, and maintaining a leading technological role in the poultry breeding equipment industry at the same time.