Feed Supply System

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Feed Supply System

The feed supply system is good and necessary poultry feeding equipment for large-scale, modern farming. The feed supply system is mainly composed of feed tower, feeding tube, screw conveyor, blanking port, drive mechanism, electronic weigher and other components.

1. Feed Tower and Electronic Weigher

The automatic feed tower is made of galvanized steel and tapered at upper and lower ends. The lower cone is intended to facilitate the smooth flow of the feed into the conveyor system. The tower is completely sealed to keep the feed away from moistures.

At the lower apart of tower legs, there is an electronic weighing device. After the weight measurement, the feed tower can convert pressure signals into electrical signals and sent them to the transmitter tower. The signals will be decoded to show the weight of feed in the tower, while the weight information will be transmitted to poultry house controller.

1.1 Specifications
1) Weighing accuracy: ± 1%
2) Display Accuracy: 1kg
3) Feeding speed: 2200kg / h (the specific feed rate is related to the feed density).

1.2 Features
1) Easy to operate: the feed tower is mounted outside the birdhouse, so you just need to fill the tower with feedstuffs all together.
2) Safe and reliable: our feed supply system has quadruple protections (feed shortage protection, full hopper protection, feed overflow protection, motor overload protection), to ensure safe and reliable operation.
3) Consistent: the feeding speed is adjustable, ensuring that each discharge port sends out feedstuffs in the same amount.
4) Epidemic prevention: the tower and the birdhouse are separated so as to reduce contamination caused by the keeper’s going in and out of the birdhouse.
5) Large delivery volume: our feed supply system can satisfy the feeding needs of one or more birdhouses.
6) Adaptability: suitable for delivering powdered or granular materials.

2. Mixing Weighing System

The mixing weighing system can provide accurate mixtures of feedstuffs in two different kinds according to the number and appetite of poultry. It can provide enough feed to poultry while reducing feed wastage, so it is preferred equipment for modern, large-scale poultry farming. The system can mix two different feedstuffs proportionally and can control the quantity as needed. It features high accuracy and reliable performance.

1. Specifications
1) maximum hopper capacity: 65kg (feed density of 550kg / m3)
2) control accuracy: ± 0.5kg
3) mixing accuracy: ± 1%
4) display accuracy: 0.1kg
5) minimum weight: 1.5kg
6) feed shape requirement: grains.

2. Feed Supply System Service Conditions
1) Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
2) Humidity: 10% RH ~ 90% RH.
3) Altitude: <2000m.
4) Water inflow is strictly prohibited.
5) No flammable gas around.
6) Power requirement: three-phase five-wire system (three phase lines, one neutral line and one protective earth line), 380 / 220VAC ± 10%, 50Hz.

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