Thermal Air Flow Duck Incubator

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Thermal Air Flow Duck Incubator

Over the past few years, duck breeding has been rapidly developed within domestic market and the incubating capacity has also experienced a sharp increase. In order to cater to the large scale incubation demands in the market, our company has successfully launched the single stage incubator for intensive duck egg incubations after three consecutive years' unremitting endeavor. The equipment is specifically designed for convenient production and epidemic prevention.

The loop airflow duck egg incubator adopts the newly developed flow field technology which is characterized as large egg capacity, energy saving, small occupation area, and easy to manage. Matching with the air flow hatcher, the equipment can enhance the duck takeoff and healthy duck rate.

1. The loop airflow duck egg incubator is characterized with a large egg collecting capacity, including 8 trolleys and a total capacity of 28,800 eggs.
2. The apparatus is energy saving and does not take up too much space. With the specialized airflow design, the total power generated from six mixing fans is only 1.5Kw.
3. The computer interface with large LED display contributes to the monitoring and setting of the parameters. Key parameters like temperature, humidity and ventilation door are also added with LED aided display.
4. Spray humidification helps to control the humidity. And with two water cooling systems, the incubator is adaptable to any working environment.

We are a professional thermal air flow duck incubator manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We provide a vast range of products, including large capacity egg incubator, feeding system, hatchery automation equipment, feed supply system, among others.

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