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XINGYI Electronic Equipment is a Qingdao-based manufacturer in mainland China. We are a subsidiary of the 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. Our company introduced the first EI brand large capacity incubator in 1984 and has since been committed to the development, production, and servicing of dedicated incubation equipment. After 30 years of sustained development, we have emerged as the largest research and production base in the Chinese farming equipment industry. Both our sales volume and development potential are at nationally leading levels.

Our company has invested more than a decade in the research and development of farming and hatchery equipment. This cumulative process identified us as a leader and pioneer to farming equipment service providers across China. Our growing reputation spurred the immersive development of poultry farming technology and the incubation process. The design and application of modern incubation and cultivation projects have provided us with invaluable knowledge and experience.

XINGYI has always been a catalyst for technological development and progression in the domestic field of modern cultivation. Our mission is to provide professional services on a global scale. EI products have received critically acclaim and are now available in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide including Russia, Germany, Chile, Egypt, South Korea, Thailand, Nigeria, etc. Our company can provide total solutions for complete sets of premium farming equipment. As experts in agricultural technology, we offer specialized consultations for the betterment of existing installations as well as newly established hatcheries and cultivation farms.

Years of development and refinement have allowed us to foster a motivated staff that is professionally inclined towards innovation, progression, and the pursuit of excellence. Our operation is approved by both the ISO9001 Quality Management System and the ISO14001 Environment Safety System. We have established modern research and development facilities in cities including Qingdao and Bengbu. Our service and distribution network provides excellent coverage for overseas regions as well as provinces across the nation.

XINGYI will continue to provide outstanding incubation and cultivation solutions for prospective customers from around the world. We seek to develop and promote advanced technology and concepts through ingenuity and perseverance. Our EI brand has gained international influence and we strive to make it into a legacy that can withstand the tests of time!

Development History

Split-combinable incubator First incubator in China 1988
IC controlled incubator First incubator controlled by IC in China 1989
Computer controlled incubator SCM-control for the first time in China 1992
IC controlled tunnel-type incubator First tunnel-type incubator in China 1994
Fuzzy-control box-type incubator Apply fuzzy-control technology for the first time around the world. 1997
Upright egg washing machine First large-sized domestic washing and disinfecting machine for duck eggs 1999
Intelligent-control box-type incubator with Chinese-display First domestic incubator integrating Chinese-English interface 2000
DMSP box-type incubator First domestic incubator with multifunction LED dual-view 2003
Poultry house auto-control system User-friendly designed control system for poultry house 2003
Automatic watering and feeding systems for poultry house Systems enjoy most favorable cost-performance ratio in China. 2004
Air-circulation type hatcher First domestically manufactured hatcher with ventilation in the shape of an "O" 2005
Intelligent tunnel-type incubator with Chinese-display First incubator adopting intelligent thermo-regulation and LCD/LED dual-view technologies in China 2006
Air circulation type incubator for ducks First large-sized incubator specialized for duck eggs all over the world 2007
Cell roller system with embedded microcomputer First rotary machine employing step drive and embedded design in China 2007
Sorting, counting and packing machine for chicks. First domestic large-sized automatic machine for chick-processing 2008
EI-internet-based remote monitor management system A first in China (using the internet, a service computer can interact with several client-end computers thousands of miles away so as to control each incubator indirectly). 2008
Box-type incubator with touch screen Meeting the safety requirements of European CE Certification 2009
Tunnel-type incubator with left-right tunnels controlled separately First incubator adopting zone control technology in the world to even left-right deviation of tunnel-type incubators 2009
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