Air Flow Hatcher

Air Flow Hatcher

Hatching is the most important step of the incubating process. The design of the hatching equipment has a direct impact on the quality of the chicks. Adopting the fuzzy control technology, the air flow hatcher has successfully solved the problems of interference among different parameters, like temperature, humidity and ventilation. And the fuzzy control technology also achieved the reliable and accurate control over other control systems.

Technical Index
1. Temperature control range 31℃~39℃
2. Humidity control range 40%~80%RH
3. Temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃
4. Temperature display resolution 0.01℃
5. Humidity display accuracy 1%RH
6. Temperature field stability ≤0.10℃
7. Late stage CO2 content < 0.15%

Cabinet internal structure Cabinet internal structure Fan, water-cooling and heating pipe
Dosing disinfection device Humidification sprayer Temperature and humidity probe

As the name suggests, the loop airflow hatcher is characterized with special O type airflow. The reasonable flow field design allows good airflow and temperature field, and is extremely favorable for embryo growth. The temperature field inside the cabinet, however, is variable and it can be automatically detected and then make appropriate adjustment to the parameters. Together with its ventilation character, the machine is applicable to any working environment available. Thanks to the design, ideal incubation result is easy to achieve.

In addition, the incubator is energy saving and conducive to disease prevention. The total power generated by three fans is only 0.54 kw, which is cost-effective. Diseases can be easily eliminated by a sprayer with strong humidification capability.

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