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  • Automatic Egg Grading and Transfer MachineThe automatic egg grading and transfer machine makes use of the advanced digital processing technology, working at the speed of 50, 000 eggs per hour. It is suitable for the collocation with standard egg tray with 42 eggs...
  • Semi-automatic Egg Grading and Transfer MachineThe semi-automatic egg grading and transfer machine utilizes the advanced technology to do grading for the eggs in the entire tray at the same time. Aided with the artificial egg identification equipment, the speed for grading and transfer reaches 40,000 eggs per hour ...
  • Egg Separating Machine The operators pull the hatching trolleys out of the hatching machine and take it to the hatchery transfer and loading equipment for hatching trays removal. The trays then are put to a conveyor belt and transmitted to the automatic chick-shell separator for chicks, eggshell and hatching trays separation.
  • Hatchery Waste Disposal System The eggshell processing equipment contains two parts, the eggshell crusher and the spiral conveyor. The whole process is, the sorted out eggshell gets smashed through the grinder and then transmitted to the trash room with a spiral conveyor. The smashed eggshell can be transmitted to the trash room in time, reducing the pollution caused by eggshells and fuzz.
  • Chick Counting and Packing System The automatic chick counting and packing system is composed of a chick-picking workbench, a chick conveyor belt, a channel counter conveyor belt and a U-shaped keel chain transmission line. And it has the functions of manual sorting out the unqualified chicks and also counting and packaging the qualified ones.
  • Chick Sexing and Sorting Equipment The rotary sexing equipment applies to occasions when the working staff is under 10. According to the different diameters of the turntable, 6 to 10 sexing positions can be provided. The chicks rotate with the movement of the turntable and then are separated to different funnels by the operators as there are two funnels for each position.
  • Incubator and Hatcher Tray Washing Machine The equipment uses three levels of water recycling technology, which can save up to 70% of rinse water for second time use. The tray washer cleans the trays efficiently while at the same time conserves a lot of manpower energy, so it is especially popular among large or medium sized hatcheries and incubation workshops of bio-pharmaceutical factories.

In the modern hatchery, what presented in front of you is the clean and orderly scene that baskets of chicks are moving on the production line and all the equipment are capturing, overturning, stacking or rotating, accomplishing various tasks in order. The cute chicks are transferred rapidly. Several operators push the egg trolley, hatching trolley easily. This is the working scene of modernized farming enterprise. It is not strange to us. Some large sized breeding enterprises in China start to use the EI hatchery automation equipment, which is an important factor to measure the modernization level, the comprehensive ability and production efficiency of the enterprises.

At present, the hatchery automation equipment has been the integral part of the modernized production in the hatcheries. Yet in most of the domestic hatcheries, the chick processing work has to be mainly accomplished artificially, such the transshipment of hatcher tray, the separation of chick and eggshell, the hatcher tray washing, eggshell disposal, chick counting, packing, etc. The problems of large labor intensity, low production efficiency and poor safety of the chicks restricts the development of the breeding enterprises. As the labor cost has increased by years, the domestic large and medium sized breeding enterprise are eager to employ the machines instead of manual work, solving various issues about egg grading, transfer to the tray, chick processing and so on.

As the leading research and production base of poultry hatching and farming equipment, we obtain the absolutely leading position in the field of hatchery automation equipment. All the achievement derives from the accumulation of poultry breeding technology and the deep research on the material handling knowledge in the hatchery, as well as the improvement of comprehensive engineering adaptability.

In respect of the close cooperation with professional experts and scholars, related research institutions and the mainstream poultry companies, our R&D department has successfully launched the automated, intelligent and highly reliable egg grading and transfer equipment, chick processing equipment, tray cleaning equipment and other hatchery automation equipment to the large and medium sized hatcheries in China.

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