Chick Sexing and Sorting Equipment

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Chick Sexing and Sorting Equipment

20-station sexing turntable (diameter: 5.6m)

The chick sexing and sorting equipment mainly contains the sexing turntable, the vaccine injection turntable, weak chick selecting platform and so on. In this system, the most important device is the sexing turntable that is the worktable for sexing in the chick processing step.

Sexing Turntable
The device is applicable for identifying the growth rate of the feather, color of the feather and the anus for one day old chicks. According to different diameters of the turntable, 6 to 20 identifying stations can be supplied. There are two funnels mounted at every station. When the chicks begin to move with the turntable, operators will feed the male and female chicks into the corresponding tunnels. The male and female chicks of all the stations will get together at the designated conveyors and will be delivered to the next process.

Vaccine Injection and Counting Turntable
The chick sexing and sorting equipment is also configured with the vaccine injection and counting turntable that is used to inject vaccine for the one day old chicks, working with 6 to 20 stations. It allows collocating with the pneumatic injector or single-channel high precision counting machine.

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