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The incubator and hatcher tray washing machine is designed in tunnel type, mainly used for the cleaning and disinfection of matched devices of hatching equipment, such as the hatching tray, hatcher basket, transfer container, etc. This machine employs the three-level water circulation technology and the 70% cleaning water can be reused. It works with high washing efficiency and saves a large amount of labor. This product is especially suited for the large and medium sized hatcheries and the hatching workshops in the biopharmaceutical companies.

This incubator and hatcher tray washing machine is mainly constructed by the pump supercharger, the water injection system and the water tank, the chassis drive system, the control system and other parts.

Tray washing machine Tray washing machine combined with the chick processing equipment

Main Features
1. The whole working process includes the prewashing, main cleaning, rinsing and other procedures.
2. The machine is made of the stainless steel and uses the high quality stainless steel pump. The washing pressure is about 3 to 10kg/cm2.
3. The conveyor chain runs at the speed under the variable frequency control so as to meet different washing requirements.
4. Our incubator and hatcher tray washing machine is highlighted by high efficiency and water conservation. The water consumption is only about 0.5 ton every hour.
5. There are many wide detachable inspection windows mounting on the both sides of the tunnel. It is convenient for the maintenance and repair of the machine.
6. This incubator and hatcher tray washing machine employs the imported nozzle unit. It is easy to adjust the direction of the nozzle and dismount the nozzle for cleaning.
7. Both of the prewashing and main cleaning parts are equipped with filter system. Moreover, the filter tank is easy to be dismantled for washing.

With the continuous development of productivity and constant increase of labor cost, the automated production in the domestic large and medium sized breeding enterprises is the necessary process. Moreover, people pay more attention to the food safety nowadays so that the modern hatcheries have stricter requirement on the safety of creatures. It means the workers had better not contact the breeding eggs and chicks directly, proving that the hatchery automation equipment is inevitably used in the future hatchery of scale, intensification and modernization. That's why we believe the hatchery automation equipment will become the first choice of current new large scale hatchery and the thoroughly upgraded hatcheries.

Up to now, we have engaged in the development of hatching and breeding equipment for 30 years, including 10 years of experience on developing the hatchery automation equipment. In designing and implementing the integrated solutions of modern hatchery engineering, we gain some precious knowledge and experience. The quality of the product and the chick cost are totally determined by the integrated layout of the hatchery, correct selection of production equipment and raw materials, the material processing inside the hatchery and other factors.

In respect of the gradually advanced and developed modern breeding technology in China, we provide not only the high quality equipment and effective solutions for customers. The professional suggestions will be supplied for customers to build new hatchery or reform the existing hatchery. We strive to explore and develop the material transportation system inside the hatchery and new series of products, more suitable for the evolution of breeding industry in China. The advanced technology and thoughts will be popularized in the market to keep our leading position in this field.

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