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The climate controller is a multi-functional and regulating system that is used to control and improve the poultry breeding environment. It is a network information platform which combines the text, image, animation, voice and video. Information about temperature, humidity, ammonia concentration, static pressure and water supply can be collected during operating process. And with our remote control system, power failure alarm of poultry equipment and the lighting module, the poultry house environment is easy to adjust. In addition, the climate controller also helps the user to control the breeding behavior, monitor the growth status, analyze the breeding parameters and thus improve the raising quality and the management standards.

Classification of climate controllers

EI-ZNR smart controller EI-3000 controller EI-2000 Climate controller


1.The climate controller automatically control its temperature, humidity and ammonia concentration. Indoor temperatures can be smart controlled according to the raising days by three temperature probes.

2. The ventilation that has 20 levels can be automatically controlled by temperature, humidity and ammonia(no other domestic and foreign brands have this function). Besides, the minimum safety ventilation rate can be set according to different raising days, usually with 10 sets of parameters. Plus, the safety ventilation mode can also be switched off according to different needs.

3. Water supply system needs to be ensured in case of insufficient, excessive and over speed water supply.

4. The climate controller has a historical data record function of up to 50 days.

5. Wet curtain system and lighting system can also be controlled by the climate controller. Time, temperature and humidity control the curtains while according to different raising days, 50 sets of parameters can be set to control the dim lights.

6. The controller also has other functions like password protection, emergency control and power failure alarm.

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