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  • Poultry Feeding SystemIn recent years, poultry feeding system is transforming and upgrading as required by the growing concern about food safety and environmental protection. Mechanized poultry raising technology sets the inevitable trend of future development. It means building modern mechanized birdhouses with automated feeding equipment and environmental control equipment, and raise poultry ...
  • Feed Supply System The feed supply system is the way to successful poultry breeding in that it makes the breeding more easily, it is also the standard equipment for large-scale and modernized breeding. Generally, the feed tower, feed tube, auger, blanking components and the drive mechanisms make up the whole feed supply system.
  • Drinking Water System

    The drinking water system provides clean and hygienic drinking water for poultry. Our poultry waterer has filtration, pressure, dosing, flow measurement, and anti-perching functions. EI-YS / X poultry watering system consists of waterline front-end components, nipple drinkers, pressure relief valves, suspension device, electric shock anti-perching components, rear-end components and some other components.

  • Poultry Climate Control SystemThe poultry climate control system can guarantee the best suitable temperature and humidity to meet the needs of poultry growth, maximizing the potential of poultry production, while reducing the stress of the flocks caused by untimely manual adjustment.

The feeding system has three sub-systems, namely the feeding system, the feed supply system and the drinking water system.

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