Drinking Water System

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Drinking Water System

The drinking water system provides clean and hygienic drinking water for poultry. Our poultry waterer has filtration, pressure, dosing, flow measurement, and anti-perching functions. EI-YS / X poultry watering system consists of waterline front-end components, nipple drinkers, pressure relief valves, suspension device, electric shock anti-perching components, rear-end components and some other components.

1. EI-YS / X Automatic Drinking Water System

1) nipple drinker is well-sealed, to ensure dry environment within the poultry house.
2) clean and sterile drinking water sources, to safeguard the healthy growth of poultry.
3) convenient and quick waterline adjustment without any tools.
4) pressure relief valve controls the water out from the nipple drinkers, suitable for poultry in different ages.
5) easy installation, free options for water tray.
6) water inlet pipes and steel pipes are fixed together, thus having sufficient strength to support adult poultries on them.
7) our drinking water system has a special cleaning system.
8) reduce labor intensity and be conducive to disease prevention.

2. Waterline Front-End Components

Waterline front-end components include filter, electronic water meter, doser, etc. The component is an important part of the drinking water system, providing fresh, clean drinking water for poultry. Filter: the backflush filter ensures cleanness of drinking water to prevent clogging of nipple drinkers. Electronic water meter: water consumption can be accurately displayed. Doser: our drinking water system adopts doser of world’s top brands. No matter what changes in pipeline flow or pressure occurs, the dose is always strictly proportional to the amount of water that enters the doser.

3. Nipple Drinker

Nipple drinkerChicks at drinking
1. The nipple drinker is made of stainless steel with three layers sealed, so it has reliable performance.
2. The 360° contact allows water drinking in all ways. Baby and adult birds can have enough water out either by striking at side or jacking up the valve rod.
3. High sensitivity, low trigger force requirement, watertight.
4. Precision water control lever can provide different drinking water for a variety of poultry.

Drinking Water System Maintenance
1. Waterline Maintenance
1) As poultry farming equipment, the drinking water system requires regular washing with diluted hydrogen peroxide solution. Let hydrogen peroxide solution to stay in the pipeline for some time, and then rinse the pipeline with clean water. The stay should last for 1 minute at least for water pipe in every 30 m.
2) Use a soft cloth to clean all pressure display tubes. Remove and clean all the pressure display tube covers.
3) Turn pressure relief valve adjustment knob to adjust the water pressure to the appropriate setting. If the adjustment fails, please check if regulating film is damaged.
4) When the birdhouse is vacant or when the temperature inside the house in winter drop to the freezing point, please drain the water inside the pipes.
5) Lubricate the winch with certain amount of common industrial grease or car grease every six months.
6) Backflush the filter regularly. If the backflush does not work, please replace the filter.

2. Anti-Perching Device Maintenance
1) Anti-perching lines shall be tight, to prevent short circuit caused by loose line touching the reinforced steel.
2) Anti-perching unit should be operated on a separate circuit, so that when people enter the poultry house, you can cut off the power supply for the unit to avoid chaos among frightened birds.

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