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In recent years, poultry feeding system is transforming and upgrading as required by the growing concern about food safety and environmental protection. Mechanized poultry raising technology sets the inevitable trend of future development. It means building modern mechanized birdhouses with automated feeding equipment and environmental control equipment, and raise poultry by the use of scientific farming process. Compared with the traditional extensive poultry farming, the automatic poultry feeding system can significantly improve production efficiency.

To achieve feeding, drinking, lighting control automation within the poultry house is an important symbol of the mechanized poultry farming technology. People control the equipment and the equipment controls the birds. Mechanized birdhouse is equipped with automatic feeding line, automatic feed supply system, automatic water line, ventilation and cooling system, poultry house climate control system and other modern equipment. The machines automate the feeding process, greatly promote breed of birds, reduce labor intensity, and improve production efficiency.

Automatic Poultry feeding system

The system is an automatic feeder for birdhouse. EI automatic poultry feeding system comes in EI-WL1 / X system for raising breeder chickens (chickens for egg production), and EI-WL2 / X system for raising broiler chickens (chickens for meat production).

1. EI-WL2 / X Automatic Poultry Feeding System

The EI-WL2 / X automatic poultry feeding system provides complete poultry feeding solutions for raising broiler chickens, roosters, ducks, as well as some small livestock such as rabbits.

Broiler Chickens

1) Delivery capacity: 600 kg / hour.
2) Tray: 14-window circular feed tray. The installation is by snap-fit so that you can assemble and disassemble the tray easily without any extra tools. It offers convenience for cleaning and sanitizing. There are scales for precise and quick adjustment. The tray is anti-aging, anti-UV, non-toxic, and durable.
3) Screw conveyor: manufactured with high-quality spring steel, the screw conveyor is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The length is less than 150 meters.
4) Tube: hot galvanized, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
5) Feed shape requirement: grains in diameter not more than 4mm.

1) Suitable for one-day-old chicks, no need to open the tray.
2) To feed from chicks to chickens, you just need to simply lift the feed line, and the feed tray can be automatically converted.
3) Reduce feed wastage.
4) Automatic poultry feeding system saves labor: simply by rotating the drive winch, you can effortlessly have the trays on the entire feed line adjusted to the appropriate height for chickens’ pick-and-eat.
5) Easy to clean, safe and reliable.

Feed Tray Features

1) EI-WL2 / 14 feed tray provides 14 feed windows for chickens growing from one-day-old into adult ones.
2) There are four windows set at the lower tray rack to collect falling feed.
3) The height of the feed tray can be precisely adjusted using the adjustment sleeve.
4) You can have the quantity of feed supply fully under control using the feed switch.
5) Double trough design is intended to allow chicks to go in and out freely for feeding, and thus reducing feed wastage.
6) The shell and tray are connected by turn-lock clasp, so assembly and disassembly are easy and safe.
7) Smooth surface, easy to clean, no dead ends.
EI-WL2 / 14 Feed Tray for Broiler Chickens

2. EI-WL1 / X Automatic Poultry Feeding System

EI-WL1 / X automatic poultry feeding system is a circular system that solves various problems in chicken feeding. It is especially capable of automatically feeding hens that are raised together with roosters. The biggest advantage of this system is the fast delivery speed, and the feed line length can be customized according to the length of the poultry house.

1) The EI-WL1 / X automatic poultry feeding system is suitable for feeding hens in all varieties. All you have to do is just adjust the feed window width to make it suit hens’ heads, and the adjustment can be done without any tools.
2) Reduce feed wastage. The feed tray is designed with patented technology. When chickens pick and eat, the feedstuffs gather in the center of the tray, far away from the edge. So little feedstuff is thrown outside, and the feed wastage is effectively reduced.
3) Labor-saving: the entire feed line is suspended from the beam. You can adjust feed trays on the entire feed line to proper height by simply rotating the drive winch.
4) The poultry feeding system is easy to clean, safe and reliable.

1) Screw conveyer: the length is less than 120 meters. Made of high-quality spring steel, the screw conveyor is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
2) Tube: hot galvanized, anti-wearing and anti-corrosion.
3) Feed shape requirement: grains in diameters not more than 4mm.
4) Anti-perching device: a wire of Φ1.5mm to prevent chicken from resting on the feed line.

EI-WL1 / 16 Hen Dedicated Feed Tray Features

Hens’ Eating

1) The hen dedicated feed tray has 16 feed windows.
2) Feed tray can resist aging, UV, and corrosions caused by a variety of commonly used cleaning agents and disinfectants.
3) Unique grille adjustment: you can easily adjust the window size referring to the scale. There are several positioning points up and down, so that the window size will not change if roosters come to rob the hens of grains. After the window is resized, only hens have access to feedstuffs.
4) The grilles are made of T-bars with very high strength.
5) Double trough design allows chicks to have free access in and out to avoid feed wastage.
6) The quantity of feedstuff storage in the tray can be adjusted by the adjustment sleeve to fill the tray quickly and ensure that chickens in different places within the poultry house can be fed simultaneously.
7) The shell and tray are connected by hooks, so assembly and disassembly are easy and safe.

EI-WL3/5 Rooster and Duck Feed Tray

Rooster Feed Tray Duck Feed Tray

1) The feed tray can be used for rooster, duck, goose and rabbit breeding.
2) The tray has five windows that leaves large feed space for poultry in big and strong figures.
3) The adjustment sleeve enables precise feeding height adjustment.
4) The lower rack has four windows that collects falling feedstuffs for feeding one-day-old chicks.
5) Double trough design allows chicks to have free access in and out to avoid feed wastage.
6) The shell and tray are connected by hooks, so assembly and disassembly are easy and safe.

3. Poultry Feeding System Service Conditions
1) Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃
2) Humidity: 10 ~ 90% RH
3) Altitude: <2000m
4) No flammable or explosive gas around.
5) Power requirements: three-phase five-wire system (three-phase line, neutral and protective earth wire), 380 / 220VAC ± 10%, 50Hz. Power line (copper core) for switchgear should have a cross-sectional area not less than 2.5mm2, and the cross-sectional area of the neutral line is not less than 1.5mm2.

4. Poultry feeding system Maintenance
Our automatic poultry feeding system does not ask for much routine maintenance, but regular check is still necessary.
Please pay attention that the maintenance must be carried out by professional technicians, and only when the power is cut off to avoid safety problems.

5. Feed Line Maintenance
1) Make sure that the anti-perching wire is tight. This is to increase the effectiveness of anti-resting system, and prevent the tray from tilting when pushed by poultry.
2) Turn off the poultry poultry feeding system before the birds leave and let them finish eating all the feedstuffs left in the tray.
3) When there is no poultry to be fed or the poultry house is being cleaned and disinfected, remove all feedstuffs from the poultry feeding system.
4) If the poultry feeding system will be left idle for a long time, please cut off the power completely to prevent accidental starting.
5) If it is necessary to remove or maintain the screw conveyor, please be very careful so as not to get hurt by pop-up screw.

6. Feed Level Detection Switch Adjustment
1) adjust nut by counterclockwise rotation until hear a click sound.
2) adjust nut clockwise until hear a click sound.
3) adjust nut counterclockwise in half a circle.

7. Hoisting Winch Maintenance
Lubricate the winch using ordinary industrial grease or car grease in proper amount every six months.

8. Anti-Perching Device Maintenance
1) The electrical protection cable must be tight, otherwise will cause short circuit with the feeding tube. Tight cable also guarantees that the trays are aligned on the feeding tube in a straight line.
2) Feeding equipment should be grounded through power device or separate ground wire to ensure the safety of electrical protection cable.

9. Other Precautions
Before starting the feeding line, you should first start the feed supply system and fill the small hopper with feedstuffs. Only when the feedstuffs in the small hopper exceed the minimum level required, the poultry feeding system can be started.

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