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  • Intelligent Remote Control Center The remote control center is placed in the company headquarters. Through MODERN, GPRS, CDMA and the broadband the network is connected to the terminal. The server is able to monitor the parameters of every environment controller and imitate the operating status with animation.
  • Computer Terminal The computer terminal is installed in the duty room inside the hatchery, its main responsibilities are first, to receive and send commands from the remote server; second, to real-time monitor the operating status of the equipment. And finally to print and automatically go with the historical record. The environment controller in the hatchery allows for alarms.
  • ERP System The ERP system is powerful and easy to use. It automatically categorizes and then summarizes the performance report of every incubation equipment and hatchery, the feed consumption report, the veterinary medicine declaration and delivery report, equipment configuration and the human resources to different places, areas and to the companies and finally draw to different graphs.
  • Video Monitoring System The camera of the video monitoring system is installed inside the poultry house. It transmits video signals to the computer terminal. The real-time production status can be monitored by the computer terminal, save the records, and then automatically follow the instructions from the remote control center.

Altogether four parts build up the production management, they are the intelligent remote control center, the computer terminal, ERP system and the video monitoring system.

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