Hatchery Waste Disposal System

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Hatchery Waste Disposal System

The eggshell cleaner is mainly constructed by the cyclone dust removal equipment, pneumatic conveying device, material tank, filter unit and so on.

Main Features
1. The cyclone dust removal equipment is able to eliminate the crushed eggshell on the chain conveyor, getting the large piece of eggshell and the crushed eggshell separated absolutely.
2. The pneumatic conveying device feeds the crushed eggshell accompanied with the separated large piece eggshell into the material tank.
3. The eggshell cleaner can also absorb the fluff and lessen the content of the fibrous fluff in accordance with the international standard in the hatchery.

Related Names
Egg Shell Washing Machine | Chicken Egg Shell Processing System | Sterilizing Equipment

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