Tunnel Incubator

Tunnel Incubator

EI tunnel incubation series is equipped with the advanced smart control technology, unifying the process of temperature control, humidity control, ventilation and egg-turning. Under the unified control system, the equipment becomes more efficient and productive. Our incubator adopts LED large screen double display with humanized and visualized interface. The interface, therefore, is more readable and easy to operate. In addition, many control functions of practical use are also available with our incubator. For example, the temperature smart control function, historical temperature and alarm display, password protection and water-cooling. The EI series surpasses other incubation equipment in that it improved a lot in terms of the unified control system, the working reliability and the simplified operating procedure. It is the No.1 choice of many large and medium sized hatcheries.

1. Intelligent temperature adjustment system
By automatically sensing the temperature variation inside the cabinet and imitating human experiences, the machine adjusts the temperature parameters and makes sure that the valid incubation area accords with the different physiological requirements of the embryos.

2. Fuzzy computer control
The machine uses fuzzy control technique to ensure the control of the parameters during the incubation process with fuzzy reasoning. With the technique being used, the equipment effectively solved the problems of interference among temperature control, humidity control, ventilation and air change. The incubation process therefore becomes more stable and performs well. Moreover, together with central control and remote control functions, large-scale production can be achieved.

3. Energy saving and high efficiency
The air flow inside the tunnel incubator is designed with an "O" type flow field, which contributed to high flow velocity and reduces energy consumption of the fans. For example, a tunnel incubator with a capacity of 90,720 eggs consumes only 1.5 KW of total power with its six fans.

Egg collecting capacity 90,720
Numbers of trolley 12
Dimension(mm) 8340×3060×2600
Apparent power 7.0KW or 9.7KW
Insulation resistance ≥2MΩ
Temperature control range 35℃~39.00℃, accuracy 0.1℃
Humidity control range 40~80%RH, accuracy ±2%RH
Egg-turning angle 43±2°


Main control system
1. The core components of the incubator are mainly imported from abroad. For example, the control core adopts a specialized military chip from US ATMEL Company, the temperature measuring key circuit, also called the computing amplifier and the temperature sensor come from US National Semiconductor Corporation and AD company respectively. The high quality humidity sensor and the AC contactor are from HUMIREL and Schneider Electric companies in France. What's more, the LCD and high-brightness digital tubes as dual display is employed, in which the LCD is imported from Japanese classic industrial-grade series.

CPU Control system Imported LCD module

2. The control system is equipped with computer group control interface.

3. In order to guarantee the safety and continuity of the incubating process, an independent emergency control system is designed to back up the tunnel incubation equipment. The emergency control system has an independent power supply, the control circuit and the conductivity meter, which serves to ensure the incubation process when the automatic control system fails to function. Also, the emergency control system plays a monitoring role while the automatic control system is working, to avoid system failure and loss of control.

Cabinet materials
Three kinds of materials are used for producing cabinets. Namely, the 75mm pre-painted steel plate lined with polystyrene sandwich board, the fiber reinforced plastic(FRP) lined with sandwich benzene board and 44mm Owens plate. These materials together with the plastic spraying aluminum assemble the whole cabinet, which is durable and pleasant.

Encapsulation around the trolley Encapsulation around the wicket

The fan system
The tunnel incubator is equipped with 6 fans, and they are not allowed to install until a strict balancing test is given. The fans, however, are packed and transported independently. This kind of fan system reduces load and noise effectively during operation and on the other hand, it also ensures a long service life.

The fan testing system includes the motor power and the fan blades detection, which are controlled by a phase loss protection board and the Hall Switch respectively. Working together, the two detection systems ensure a safe and reliable running of the fan system.

Humidification system
The tunnel incubator uses a water-pressure spray humidifier to ensure uniform humidification. The humidifier solenoid valve imported from Italy is stable and reliable with low failure rate, and the durable humidification sprayers originated from USA are durable as well with perfect atomization effect.

Fan system Humidification sprayer

Egg-turning system
The tunnel incubator has altogether 12 trolleys and in order to ensure high quality, all parts of the trolley are imported ones. The trolley has a three-side strengthening plug-in structure, which effectively prevents the trolleys from affecting the temperature field in use due to deformation. In addition, the top of the trolleys uses a special stainless steel sheet to avoid corrosion caused by humidification sprayers. Also, the improved wheels are flexible with light weight so that the work intensity can be reduced, which, on the other hand, brings efficiency to the work. The trolley curtains, which are made from polycarbonate materials, are anti-aging and portable and do not distort. A particularly designed temperature measuring device is embedded in the curtain for the operators to detect the temperatures of the embryos.

Trolley Trolley curtains, windpipe and detect switches

Encapsulation system
The cabinet of the tunnel incubator requires different encapsulating materials for different parts, for example, the EPDM is applied to the cabinet entrance and the wicket surroundings.

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