Computer Terminal

Computer Terminal

The computer terminal is installed in the duty room inside the hatchery, its main responsibilities are first, to receive and send commands from the remote server; second, to real-time monitor the operating status of the equipment. And finally to print and automatically go with the historical record. The environment controller in the hatchery allows for alarms. Computer terminal automatically sends messages to the administrator and at the same it monitors and records the process of poultry growth.

Functions and Characteristics
1. A single computer terminal can be connected with more than 250 controllers so that the single field networking can be realized.

2. Animation helps to monitor the hatchery which saves time and energy.

3. With visual graphic interface, the parameters of the environment controller can be set all at one time and this makes the operation more convenient. In addition, alarms are automatically sent to the administrator to ensure the safety.

4. The computer terminal automatically goes with the data from environment controller which also has access to print machines.

5. Records and detailed operating logs of the computers must be kept for future use.

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