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  • Poultry House Climate Controller The climate controller is a multi-functional and regulating system that is used to control and improve the poultry breeding environment. It is a network information platform which combines the text, image, animation, voice and video. Information about temperature, humidity, ammonia concentration, static pressure and water supply can be collected during operating process.
  • Poultry Ventilation System The purpose of the ventilation system is to discharge the waste gas and get fresh air into the poultry house. On the one hand, it makes sure that there is enough oxygen inside the poultry house, and emits waste gases such as carbon dioxide. On the other, it also helps to cool down the temperature inside the house. In addition, the ventilation machine can be used together with the wet curtain ...
  • Poultry Heating System In order to maintain the temperature in the poultry house and to ensure the poultry a comfortable growth environment, the temperatures need to be increased to a certain degree during the low environmental temperature times, such as winter. The current heating devices include the coa lfurnace, the oil furnace, fuel furnace and the heating furnace.
  • Poultry Lighting System LED poultry lighting system is not only waterproof, dustproof, and easy to clean, but also has the advantages of long life and high energy efficiency. Its inherent luminous efficiency saves energy by more than 50% compared with systems using traditional lamps. In addition, the dimmable feature, which is unique to LED, is not available on ordinary energy-saving lamps.
  • Power Failure Alarm of Poultry Equipment The EI-2000 power failure alarm of poultry equipment is equipped with a power failure alarm, and it can detect the three-phase failure, partial failure, phase failure and the phase sequence errors. When the environment controller alerts and there is a power failure, immediate audio and visual alarms will be given.
  • Wireless Communication Module The wireless communication module is a wireless communication device between the computer terminal and the poultry house controller with a communication distance up to 600m.
  • Poultry Feeding SystemIn recent years, poultry feeding system is transforming and upgrading as required by the growing concern about food safety and environmental protection. Mechanized poultry raising technology sets the inevitable trend of future development. It means building modern mechanized birdhouses with automated feeding equipment and environmental control equipment, and raise poultry ...
  • Feed Supply System The feed supply system is the way to successful poultry breeding in that it makes the breeding more easily, it is also the standard equipment for large-scale and modernized breeding. Generally, the feed tower, feed tube, auger, blanking components and the drive mechanisms make up the whole feed supply system.
  • Drinking Water System

    The drinking water system provides clean and hygienic drinking water for poultry. Our poultry waterer has filtration, pressure, dosing, flow measurement, and anti-perching functions. EI-YS / X poultry watering system consists of waterline front-end components, nipple drinkers, pressure relief valves, suspension device, electric shock anti-perching components, rear-end components and some other components.

  • Poultry Climate Control SystemThe poultry climate control system can guarantee the best suitable temperature and humidity to meet the needs of poultry growth, maximizing the potential of poultry production, while reducing the stress of the flocks caused by untimely manual adjustment.
  • Intelligent Remote Control Center The remote control center is placed in the company headquarters. Through MODERN, GPRS, CDMA and the broadband the network is connected to the terminal. The server is able to monitor the parameters of every environment controller and imitate the operating status with animation.
  • Computer Terminal The computer terminal is installed in the duty room inside the hatchery, its main responsibilities are first, to receive and send commands from the remote server; second, to real-time monitor the operating status of the equipment. And finally to print and automatically go with the historical record. The environment controller in the hatchery allows for alarms.
  • ERP System The ERP system is powerful and easy to use. It automatically categorizes and then summarizes the performance report of every incubation equipment and hatchery, the feed consumption report, the veterinary medicine declaration and delivery report, equipment configuration and the human resources to different places, areas and to the companies and finally draw to different graphs.
  • Video Monitoring System The camera of the video monitoring system is installed inside the poultry house. It transmits video signals to the computer terminal. The real-time production status can be monitored by the computer terminal, save the records, and then automatically follow the instructions from the remote control center.

The traditional Chinese way of raising poultry is mainly open breeding. This breeding pattern, however, is far from meeting the customers' needs in terms of poultry productivity and quality in that it is hard to manage, has small breeding quantity and it costs too much. In addition, with the widespread bird flu, the drawbacks of the traditional way of raising is becoming prominent. So in order to solve the problems of traditional poultry raising, to construct the mode of large-scale intensification and green ecology, the development and promotion of modernized poultry equipment is in urgent need.

Along with the development of modern poultry in our country, the manufacturing and marketing experiences as reference, our company has started working on the development of EI poultry raising equipment series since 2002. Three years later, the first EI series has been successfully launched to the market.

1. The environment control is automatically realized in order to ensure the air quality and to improve the coop conditions.

2. The EI special series makes the breeding possible by achieving the scalization, automation and informatization.

3. The poultry raising equipment helps increase yields by controlling the scale of breeding.

4. The poultry raising equipment is automatically controlled so it is more labor reductive and efficient.

If you choose our EI special series, you will find modern breeding so easy to realize, and it also allows you to truly appreciate the new ideas of human management, breeding and products return.

This article introduces the EI poultry raising equipment from the perspectives of environment control, breeding system and production management.

We are a professional poultry raising equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including chick counting and packing system, climate control system, tunnel incubator, large capacity single stage incubator, and much more.

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