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Single Stage Egg Incubator

Besides the basic functions like automatic temperature and humidity control, regular eggs turning-over time and other alarms, the single stage egg incubator also has a set of protection systems in particular to ensure the safety during the incubating process, such as the conductivity meter for overheat prevention, twice temperature control under emergency, manual eggs turning-over option, etc.

The container is assembled by the color-painted steel insulation board and connecting materials to ensure an elegant appearance and a long-lasting service life. The box is also configured with materials of different colors, gold, silver, etc. The bottom of it is equipped with guide rails in order to save effort, which makes it easy to operate as well. With a full diameter mixed-flow fan, the temperature inside the box is able to stay stable and even. In addition, a new ventilation device helps to separate the air inlet, air exhaust and air cooling passages and finally release the carbon dioxide. Our single stage egg incubator performs well with low failure, so the machine is capable of maintaining its long working lifespan. Moreover, a memory timer and the "group control" function make it easier to manage the hatcheries and also provide a remote control platform.

2 controllers available

1. Configuration instructions

Main structures
The main structure of the single stage egg incubator consists of main engine(fan, egg turning-over device, air-cooling and humidification systems, ventilation door), container (top plate, side plate, door plate, profiles), control cabinet (main control circuit board, power board, relay board and strong power controlled circuit), and incubating trolley (including hatching tray and chick takeoff basket).

Function systems
The function systems include the fan mixing system, the heating and humidification systems, egg turning-over system, as well as air-cooling and ventilation door systems. In addition, water heating/cooling and group control systems can also be equipped where needed.

2. Parameters
Temperature control range 34.2℃ ~ 39.5℃
Humidity control range 40% ~ 70% RH
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃
Temperature display resolution 0.01℃
Humidity display accuracy 1%RH
Thermal field stability ≤ 0.10℃
CO2 content at later stage of incubation < 0.15%
Egg turning angle 43°±2°(Duck, 50°±2°)

3. Working environment

1. Working temperature: 20~27℃ (optimum)
2. Humidity : 50~70%RH
3. Power supply : three-phase five-wire system 380V/220VAC 50Hz±10%
4. Water pressure : 3~5KgF/cm2
5. Hatcheries : The ground requires a ≤5mm flatness within the range of 10m2 and there must be a drainage ditch. The height of the hatchery would be ≥4.5m with perfect ventilation system and what's more, the exhaust gas must be emitted through the pipes to the outside.

4. Specifications
TypesSpeciesModelEgg collecting
Numbers of
Dimensions(mm)Apparent power
Poultry takeoff

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