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Large Capacity Single Stage Incubator

The large capacity single stage incubator is the fresh blood of the incubator family. Differed from the multi stage incubators, the single stage incubator provides results which exceed that of multi stage incubation through less cull chicks, improved quality and improved hatch, producing more viable, hydrated and healthy chicks. Also, the single stage incubator excels in epidemic prevention, which offers high quality embryos by customizing incubation parameters for different eggs.

On the present market, most of the single stage box type incubators have realized the large capacity of egg collecting, which to some extent makes up for the insufficient egg capacity. Besides, the incubator is especially popular in large or medium sized hatcheries because of its energy saving and strong operating characteristics. Take model EIFTPC-40320 of our large capacity box type incubator as example, 73% electricity power is saved compared with other incubators and the egg capacity is increased by 30% per square meter.

1. The single-stage incubator is energy saving and environmental friendly which makes it superior to other machines on the market.
2. With super refrigeration power, including air cooling and water cooling, our incubator is highly adaptable to the environment.
3. The employment of touch screen interface helps to operate the machine more easily and efficiently.
4. The incubation process is easy to monitor with our historical data and analysis. Therefore it helps to reuse the data with an exporting function from the flash drive.

Egg collecting capacity 40320/80640/60480/120960
Apparent power 9.3KW/24KW
Power supply 380/220VAC 50Hz
Insulation resistance ≥2M
Turning angle 43°±2°
Temperature control range 31.5℃∽39℃
Humidity control range 40-80%RH
Model Dimension Egg collecting capacity Trolley specification Chick tray specification Apparent power (Kw)
Incubation equipment 40320 5100×2770×2771 40320 5040158730×1290×2220 42316×302×75 9.9
60480 6980×2770×2771 60480 50401512730×1290×2220 42316×302×75 13.8
80640 5100×5460×2771 80640 50401516730×1290×2220 42316×302×75 19.8
120960 6980×5460×2771 120960 50401524730×1290×2220 42316×302×75 27.6
Chick takeoff equipment 40320 5100×2770×2451 40320 5040158775×1317×236 1681305×380×119 6.3

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