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  • Tunnel Incubator Our incubator adopts LED large screen double display with humanized and visualized interface. The interface, therefore, is more readable and easy to operate. In addition, many control functions of practical use are also available with our incubator. For example, the temperature smart control function, historical temperature and alarm display, password protection and water-cooling.
  • Air Flow Hatcher Adopting the fuzzy control technology, the air flow hatcher has successfully solved the problems of interference among different parameters, like temperature, humidity and ventilation. And the fuzzy control technology also achieved the reliable and accurate control over other control systems.

With the spirit of "all for customers" and the technology strength, Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd has come up with a newly developed incubation series, the tunnel incubation series. The tunnel incubation series has undergone great changes, from integrated circuit control to fuzzy computer control, from the first Chinese character display generation to the second large LED Chinese character display and then upgraded to the third large screen Chinese character display. Our innovation process also helps to promote the intensification development of the poultry industry, especially with the "energy, area and labor saving" advantages, our company has won great popularity and has contributed to the incubation efficiency and the reduction of cost.

As a major multi stage incubator manufacturer in China, we also provide large capacity single stage incubator, climate control system, poultry raising equipment, tunnel incubator, and more.

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