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  • Egg Separating MachineThe egg transshipping machine is the device for transferring the hatcher trays on the hatching trolley mechanically to the egg overturning and separating equipment line. After the hatcher trays are emptied automatically by the overturning mechanism, the egg separating machine is able to separate the chicks and the eggshell effectively.
  • Hatchery Waste Disposal SystemThe cyclone dust removal equipment is able to eliminate the crushed eggshell on the chain conveyor, getting the large piece of eggshell and the crushed eggshell separated absolutely.
    The pneumatic conveying device feeds the crushed eggshell accompanied with the separated large piece eggshell into the material tank.
  • Chick Counting and Packing System High counting efficiency: In every hour, this machine is able to count above 30,000chicks.
    Precise counting for packing: The counting accuracy is about 0.3%. The artificial counting is uncertain for workers will feel tired with the extension of working hours, affecting the counting accuracy.
  • Chick Sexing and Sorting Equipment The chick sexing and sorting equipment mainly contains the sexing turntable, the vaccine injection turntable, weak chick selecting platform and so on. In this system, the most important device is the sexing turntable that is the worktable for sexing in the chick processing step.

Chick processing line

With the rapid development of breeding industry in large scale and high industrialization at present, the hatchery automated production line owns great prospect in the market. When the EI hatcher tray transfer machine, the overturning and emptying device and the egg separating machine are developed successfully, the entirely automated chick processing line becomes true. The operators only need to push and pull the hatching trolley and the labor cost is significantly decreased. Our chick processing equipment takes obvious advantages in the competitive market, breaking through the chock point in this field.

A series of combined EI chick processing equipment is able to accomplish the hatcher trays grabbing and emptying automatically, the automatic separation of chicks and eggshell, crushed eggshell absorbing, chick transportation at short distance, chick sexing, vaccine injection, healthy chick selection, counting and packing and hatcher tray washing. It realizes the entirely automated hatching process, reaching the international advanced production level.

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