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  • Single Stage Egg Incubator With a full diameter mixed-flow fan, the temperature inside the box is able to stay stable and even. In addition, a new ventilation device helps to separate the air inlet, air exhaust and air cooling passages and finally release the carbon dioxide. Our single stage incubator performs well with low failure, so the machine is capable of maintaining its long working lifespan ...
  • Large Capacity Egg IncubatorModel: EIFDMS-57600
    Egg collecting capacity: 57600
    Number of trolley: 12
    Overall dimensions(mm): 4500×3860×2630 ...
  • Large Capacity Single Stage Incubator Differed from the multi stage incubators, the single stage incubator provides results which exceed that of multi stage incubation through less cull chicks, improved quality and improved hatch, producing more viable, hydrated and healthy chicks. Also, the single stage incubator excels in epidemic prevention, which offers high quality embryos by customizing incubation parameters for different eggs.
  • Thermal Air Flow Duck Incubator The loop airflow duck egg incubator adopts the newly developed flow field technology which is characterized as large egg capacity, energy saving, small occupation area, and easy to manage. Matching with the air flow hatcher, the equipment can enhance the duck takeoff and healthy duck rate.

The EI single stage incubator series is one of the major products of Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. It is a kind of new equipment that is developed based on the company's own experiences in developing and manufacturing incubation equipment. What's more, experimental data as well as the instructions and advices from the experts also contributed to the building of it.

We are an international single incubator manufacturer and supplier. We also offer intelligent remote control center, climate control system, feeding system, multi stage incubator, and more.

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