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  • Poultry House Climate Controller The climate controller is a multi-functional and regulating system that is used to control and improve the poultry breeding environment. It is a network information platform which combines the text, image, animation, voice and video. Information about temperature, humidity, ammonia concentration, static pressure and water supply can be collected during operating process.
  • Poultry Ventilation System The purpose of the ventilation system is to discharge the waste gas and get fresh air into the poultry house. On the one hand, it makes sure that there is enough oxygen inside the poultry house, and emits waste gases such as carbon dioxide. On the other, it also helps to cool down the temperature inside the house. In addition, the ventilation machine can be used together with the wet curtain ...
  • Poultry Heating System In order to maintain the temperature in the poultry house and to ensure the poultry a comfortable growth environment, the temperatures need to be increased to a certain degree during the low environmental temperature times, such as winter. The current heating devices include the coa lfurnace, the oil furnace, fuel furnace and the heating furnace.
  • Poultry Lighting System LED poultry lighting system is not only waterproof, dustproof, and easy to clean, but also has the advantages of long life and high energy efficiency. Its inherent luminous efficiency saves energy by more than 50% compared with systems using traditional lamps. In addition, the dimmable feature, which is unique to LED, is not available on ordinary energy-saving lamps.
  • Power Failure Alarm of Poultry Equipment The EI-2000 power failure alarm of poultry equipment is equipped with a power failure alarm, and it can detect the three-phase failure, partial failure, phase failure and the phase sequence errors. When the environment controller alerts and there is a power failure, immediate audio and visual alarms will be given.
  • Wireless Communication Module The wireless communication module is a wireless communication device between the computer terminal and the poultry house controller with a communication distance up to 600m.

Through the data of temperature, humidity, ammonia, static pressure and water supply, the climate control system is able to collect, process and automatically start and stop the heater, the wet curtain, fans, water supply line, material supply line, the wet curtain mouth, wind curtain mouth and the alarm, so as to realize the full automatic control of the temperature, humidity, ventilation, water supply, material supply, alarm and lighting. In order to meet the needs of modern, large-scale breeding bases, the system achieved the goal of remote control and cluster management. At the same time, it also helps to reduce labor intensity by adopting the fully automatic control system which greatly enhances the quality of the breeding equipment.

Major components of the climate control system: the climate controller, the ventilation system, cooling system, heating system, lighting system and the power failure alarm of poultry equipment.

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