Poultry Lighting System

Poultry Lighting System

China’s poultry industry is developing in leaps and bounds today, and large-scale poultry farming is a recognized philosophy within the industry. In large-scale poultry farming, the control over lighting environment is one of the critical factors. As an advanced modern lighting technology, LED poultry lighting system is attracting the attention of various industries with its inherent advantages. Based on the characteristics of LED light source and the light required by the growth of poultry, we developed our professional LED lighting system for large-scale poultry farming. The light has significance in regard of safe production, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Currently, the vast majority of large-scale domestic breeding farms are still using ordinary incandescent or energy-saving lamps, which have shortcomings of short life, fragility, easy corrosion, and low energy efficiency (especially the ordinary incandescent lamp). In comparison, the LED poultry lighting system is not only waterproof, dustproof, and easy to clean, but also has the advantages of long life and high energy efficiency. Its inherent luminous efficiency saves energy by more than 50% compared with systems using traditional lamps. In addition, the dimmable feature, which is unique to LED, is not available on ordinary energy-saving lamps. When supported by EI poultry lighting system illumination module, the LED light can achieve precise control over the light environment in poultry house. So, more and more companies are adopting LED poultry lighting system as poultry house light.

Features of LED Poultry Lighting System
1. Long life: the average life expectancy is more than 40,000 hours.
2. Dimmable function available.
3. Luminous efficiency is greater than 85lm / W, which means you can use the fewest light to have the same light intensity provided by traditional lights.
4. Color temperature is selectable within 2800 ~ 6000K.
5. 120 ° LED scattering angle.
6. Integrated lighting design, IP67 waterproof rating (can be rinsed with water directly).

Findings show that poultry is sensitive to LED light sources at various wavelengths, and LED lights can significantly promote poultry production. In applications, the weight of chickens ready for slaughter will increase by 5.06%, and cumulative eggs laid by breeder chickens increase by 147.3 g. There is no flickering in LED lighting, and the light module enables precise control of light environment, greatly reducing poultries’ stress response to light and enhancing their immunity.

Meanwhile, LED poultry lighting system increases the conversion efficiency of poultry feed: feed-to-meat ratio is reduced by an average of 3.21%, and feed-to-egg ratio is reduced by an average of 2.01%. In addition, the experimental analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of poultry manure finds that the moisture content in the manure is reduced by 11.3%, which helps to inhibit the release of ammonia and improve farming environment.

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