Intelligent Remote Control Center

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Intelligent Remote Control Center

The remote control center is placed in the company headquarters. Through MODERN, GPRS, CDMA and the broadband the network is connected to the terminal. The server is able to monitor the parameters of every environment controller and imitate the operating status with animation.

Characteristics and functions
The intelligent remote control center can be connected to either the computers of the boss or the terminal of each functional department to ensure real-time information delivery. Besides, the computer operating process will be recorded and monitored to provide a safe production. In order to have access to internet, users can choose from MODERN, GPRS, CDMA or ADSL.

The system settings and excel make the smart remote control center easy to operate. The system setting includes the user management, terminal management, controller management and the category management. With operation log and historical data query as well as form fillings, the cost is especially easy to monitor.

As an experienced intelligent remote control center manufacturer in China, our company offers a vast range of products that includes video monitoring system, large capacity single stage incubator, climate control system, tunnel incubator, among others.

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