ERP System

ERP System

The ERP system is powerful and easy to use. It automatically categorizes and then summarizes the performance report of every incubation equipment and hatchery, the feed consumption report, the veterinary medicine declaration and delivery report, equipment configuration and the human resources to different places, areas and to the companies and finally draw to different graphs.

The ERP system helps to form a dynamic understanding of the operating status and the production details at any time, so it makes automatic management easy to realize. The remote monitor management saves time and reduces cost, and the various statistic reports can be used to summarize breeding experiences. Besides, the data input, browse, copy and print is under the management of different departments to ensure the data safety.

Our company is a major ERP system manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide computer terminal, poultry house climate controller, multi stage incubator, hatchery automation equipment, and much more.

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