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The semi-automatic egg grading and transfer machine utilizes the advanced technology to do grading for the eggs in the entire tray at the same time. Aided with the artificial egg identification equipment, the speed for grading and transfer reaches 40,000 eggs per hour, suitable for various trays of hen's eggs and duck eggs. This product is easy operation. Moreover, it reduces the labor intensity greatly, increases 30% egg grading efficiency and effectively decreases the breakage rate of breeding eggs.

Equipment Composition
The semi-automatic egg grading and transfer machine is composed of several parts including the egg trays conveying line, oscillating transfer robot hand, entire tray of eggs grading light source, hatcher tray placing platform and the electronic control cabinet.

Technical Parameter
1.Working voltage: Three-phase five-wire system 380VAC/50Hz
2. Power: 2.5kw
3. Air source: 0.8MPa
4. Overall dimension: 3.5×2×1.8(m)
5. Air consumption: 170m³/hour

With the professional shovel, the operators take four trays of eggs from the egg trolley and place them at the designated position in the equipment. Meanwhile, they will lighten the egg grading light source under the egg trays. Based on the rich experience, operators will identify the live embryo egg, the infertile egg and the dead embryo egg and pick out the unqualified eggs manually. Then the egg trays continue to move at the position for transfer and operators will place the empty hatcher trays at the fixed position. The oscillating robot hand will transmit the four trays of live embryo eggs entirely to the hatcher trays, finishing the egg grading and transfer.

1.Our semi-automatic egg grading and transfer machine allows the whole tray of eggs to be graded and transferred together.
2. The product needs the operators to identify the infertile and dead embryo eggs.
3. It uses the oscillating robot hand to transfer the egg onto the tray, reducing the labor intensity.
4. The front and rear ports of the machine support the function extension by cooperating with the automatic trays fetching, packing, cleaning machines and so on.
5. The frame of the semi-automatic egg grading and transfer machine is totally made of the 304# stainless steel or better one. It is attractive, easy for washing and antiseptic.

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