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The automatic egg grading and transfer machine makes use of the advanced digital processing technology, working at the speed of 50, 000 eggs per hour. It is suitable for the collocation with standard egg tray with 42 eggs. This product is able to recognize the live embryo egg, the infertile egg and dead embryo egg died 13 days ago. It is mainly used for the breeding egg that will be hatched for 18 days in the large and medium scaled hatcheries.

High speed egg grading and transfer machine Egg grading and transfer touch screen

Technical Parameter
1.Working voltage: Three-phase five-wire system 380VAC/50Hz
2. Power: 7KW
3. Working air source: 0.8MPa
4. Air consumption: 300L/min.
5. Processing speed: 50,000 eggs/hour
6.Overall size: 8×3.5×2.2m (The layout, the length and width can be adjusted accordingly.)

The operators transfer four trays from the egg trolley to the start part of the egg grading production line and then the egg grading module will identify the breeding eggs. In the system, the infertile and dead embryo eggs removal unit will be activated to transfer the futile eggs in the four trays to the corresponding conveyor at twice. The operator at the end of the conveyor will arrange the removed breeding eggs in the trays. The four trays after grading will be moved continuously to the transfer device that will transmit the live embryo eggs in the four trays into the hatcher trays for one time. The process is done and the empty trays will be delivered automatically to the washing machine for cleaning and disinfection.

The automatic egg grading and transfer machine is able to extend the robot hands for shoveling the eggs, transshipping the empty hatcher trays, stacking the full hatching trays and other operations. Therefore, the operators only need to pull the egg trolley in the hatching machine and push the full hatching trolley full of hatcher trays into the hatching machine. Other process will be finished automatically by the machine.

1.The automatic egg grading and transfer machine sorts out the quantity and percentage of the live embryo egg, infertile egg and dead embryo egg automatically.
2. At the top speed, 6 operators are able to accomplish the grading and transfer of 200,000 eggs within 4 hours, free from the impact of emotions and environment in the process.
3. This machine is collocated with a 10 inch touch screen that displays the dynamic and distinct images and is convenient for tracking the historical data.
4. The front and rear ports of the automatic egg grading and transfer machine can be connected to the automatic trays fetching, packing, cleaning machines and so on. With the extended function, the product will increase the production efficiency and reduce the labor intension of workers further.
5. In the grading process, the operators can't contact or touch the breeding eggs, avoiding the cross contamination.
6. The absorbing head for lifting the eggs allows online cleaning without dismantling.
7. The frame is totally made of the 304# stainless steel or better one. It is attractive, nice, corrosion resistant and easy for washing.
8. The system functions reminding the operators of doing periodical maintenance and care for the automatic egg grading and transfer machine.

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