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Large Capacity Incubator Manufacturer and Hatchery Automation Solutions

Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Company Ltd. specializes in researching and producing, as well as providing services for, many types of integrated breeding equipment. As one of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of poultry breeding equipment in the world, we offer single stage incubator, multi stage incubator, hatchery automation equipment, and a variety of types of poultry raising equipment like our climate control system for poultry equipment, feeding system, and production management. Our company also provides professional solutions for customers for modern hatcheries and poultry houses.

Our incubation equipment and poultry raising equipment have been well-received and widely used in the market, accounting for more than 70% of the domestic market share. They also have been sold to such various regions and areas as the Asia, Europe, Africa, and the America area. Furthermore, our electrical measurement and control technology can be applied even in the fields such as aviation, satellite, etc.

Till now, our incubation equipment has been capable of hatching and cultivating ten billions of poultry for poultry breeding enterprises worldwide every year.

  • Large Capacity Single-Stage Incubator
  • Large Capacity Single-Stage IncubatorProviding results which exceed that of multi stage incubation through less cull chicks, improved quality and improved hatch, producing more viable, hydrated and healthy chicks, aslo offers high quality embryos for different eggs.
  • Intelligent Air-Circulating Type Duck Incubator
  • Intelligent Air-Circulating Type Duck IncubatorSpecifically designed for intensive duck egg incubation, convenient production and epidemic prevention, can enhance the duck takeoff and healthy duck rate, also characterized with a large egg collecting capacity.
  • Tunnel Type Incubator
  • Tunnel Type IncubatorEquipped with advanced smart control technology, unifying the process of temperature control, humidity control, ventilation and egg-turning, temperature smart control function, historical temperature display function, water cooling functions are available.
  • Hatchery Automation Equipment
  • Hatchery Automation EquipmentCore factor of the automated assembly line in large and medium sized hatcheries, is responsible for short distance delivery, gender identification, eggshell processing, tray washing, selection of healthy chicks, counting and packing, etc.
  • Intelligent Remote Control Center
  • Intelligent Remote Control Center Placed in the company headquarters, can be connected to either the computers of the boss or the terminal of each functional department to ensure real-time information delivery, user management, terminal management, etc.
  • Poultry Ventilation System
  • Poultry Ventilation SystemUsed for discharging the waste gas and get fresh air into the poultry house, not only makes sure that there is enough oxygen inside the poultry house, and emits waste gases such as carbon dioxide, but also helps to cool down the temperature inside the house.

Our company relies on high-tech military technology of the 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, vigorously implements the "key technologies and key products with independent intellectual property rights" strategy for technical innovation and development. The company adheres to and focuses on original innovation. The research and development process strictly obey the ISO 9001 and CE.

Our company pays great attention to build research team, and now we have a young, well-educated and experienced research group. Currently, we have 90 professional researchers, 10 senior engineers and 18 engineers. The research group is divided into several sub-groups to work efficiently and to meet different needs.